when we got the day “Back to the Future”, Hey Man ! Do you get the Future?

today is the day marty mcfly arrived when he travels to the future!

Opps! the day is 2012/06/27 sorry!
I am @to_sky_blue

this time I try to make content on my blog in English.

When I was Kid, I love the movie called “Back to the Future”
I guess it made 27years ago.whoo 27years?
theres is famous words in this movie.
I remember the 2 words.

“Nobody Calls me chikin”

to be continued.

I think if the Famous Words in the movie,the words let us memorize what the story is.
Also “I’ll be Back” makes remember “the The Terminator”

if I am director the movie , I try to make the Words what will be famous!.
there is no destiny, We make the Future, don’t you think so?
So I try to be 🙂



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