it’s beautiful place. Apple’s Mountain Lion’s Wallpaper. buue pond(called aonoike)

blue pond-2

When you feel so down, do you want to go to beautiful place?
hi! this is @to_sky_blue!

I will show you nice and beautiful place.
Can you see the Water that is colored green?(or blue)

here is the another one.

this is not fake.
also it does not make with .
Just trust me!

this is secret why we can see the water is colored by green.(or blue)

Colloid invisible will be generated this water-laden water flowing aluminum, and mixed with water Biei-gawa.
Because the light from the sun collide with the colloidal particles in water, are scattered in various directions, colloidal particles, but urged the scattering of light, blue light with shorter wavelengths are likely to be scattered light that reaches our eyes , we are said to appear blue.

blue pond-1

blue pond-3

check out the Link.You can see the picture more better than this

500px / Photo “Blue Pond – The WallPaper for Apple Inc.” by Kent Shiraishi

If you like , you must like it.

because when you get ,you will see it.



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